Monday, February 28, 2011

Gratitude Gifts Today

Amidst all the cold and snow, we have been so blessed to spend time with three of our children and their families these past few days.  Sharing dreams, laughing together, watching the little ones grow up, marveling at all that each one can do now,  tickling, cuddling, cheering, listening - it's all been so good as we spend time (precious time!) with each one.

It makes me think about how very much God likes to spend time with us too.  Listening, cheering, dreaming, picking us up, encouraging - He does it all for us too.  And so I count on with the blessings, for in all that He gives me - the amazing and wonderful or the hard and uncertain - I feel Him close and I lean hard on Him.

#2145 - #2179

- God opening my eyes to a solution, so clearly right there

- icicles hanging from the eaves

- snow twinkling as the sun peeks between the clouds

- opening a container of little red summer jewels (frozen raspberries) and being reminded of warmth and growth and summer

- text messages

- online shopping

- days of subbing

- tuna waldorf salad

- inside supervision

- long visits with old friends

- driving home in the sun at 6 p.m.

-safety while driving on snowy, icy winter roads

- little girl playing hockey

- little boy falling asleep in my arms

- tucking little ones into bed

- putting supper in the crockpot

- conversation with loved ones

- their dreams

- listening as they discuss what to do next 

- little voice calling out "Good morning, Gramma!"

- apple pancakes

- turquoise blue placemats

- braiding little girl's hair

- two little ones sitting in the grocery cart

- our son's birthday (love you, D!)

- a full tank of gas

- thinking of the one who is far away (miss you, M!)

- warm quilts

- warmth in the fireplace

- looking forward to another day

- camera capturing moments

- laughing so hard

- His amazing goodness

- His grace, my thanks, our joy


  1. LOVE your new template! It is perfect for Spring and just beautiful!
    And your list always makes me re-examine mine, you know - so many small things I tend to overlook. A lovely list, as always, Crystal, and so focused on your family. It makes me smile.

  2. love this list. so glad we got to be a part of your week.