Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Ten on Tuesday

1.  Winter has returned with snow, wind and -15 degrees C.  I liked yesterday better :)

2.  In the process of organizing / purging / cleaning up the basement, I added 2 glass baking pans, 2 mugs and 8 new water glasses to my kitchen today.  Love finding stuff in my gifting stash that I forgot I had!

3.  If you want to try a new recipe, here's a Vegan Chocolate Cake from Helena.  I found it at Tasty Kitchen on the Pioneer Woman's site.  Helena is writing a paper about the chemical reactions in the cake so she is looking for lots of people to test the recipe and give her feedback.  I love that you can make this cake even if you don't have any butter or eggs or milk in the fridge!  And it's really chocolate-y!

4.  Bob's been gluing and fixing some dresser drawers that were in sad shape.   I soon will have a space for my fabric stash - yeah!

5.  If you are looking for a good book to read, I'd like to recommend Winter Garden by Kristen Hannah. Oh, my - it's poignant and heartbreaking in some places!

6.  Daylight until 6:30 p.m. is a very welcome change!  Just a little more than a month until spring is officially here - yahoo!!

7.  I love going to the shelves downstairs or opening the deep freeze and finding vegetables from last summer's garden.  Tonight it was frozen baby beets.  These shelves are getting a bit emptier but there's still lots there.

8.  Leftover chocolate pudding + sliced bananas = yummy afternoon snack :)

9.  I ordered photos from our holiday to Fairmont and for the month of January - and I got in on the 10 cent per picture sale that Costco was having.  Never mind that it took me almost 5 hours to upload and complete the order!  The savings I got amounted to a wage of $3.00 per hour - cheap labour or what!

10.  I'm almost at 1500 posts on this little blog.  Watch for a special giveaway in a few days and thank you  for reading along with my ramblings.  I am humbled by your presence and so thankful that God (while using Melinda and Heather) led me to starting this blog nearly 5 years ago.  


  1. Your top 10 for Tuesday is filled with "life in abundance" and joy!

    May the blessings continue ~

  2. I love the longer days, too. It's so much easier and manageable to be driving home from work when there's still light out. It reminds me that Easter is coming, the time of celebration for the Light of the World. Light is so essential in so many ways.
    I'll have to peek over at the recipe. I made eggless pancakes a few weeks ago because we were out, but really wanted to have some for breakfast and they were pretty good I have to say. I do enjoy trying out new recipes.
    Nice deal on the photos. I just order a hundred photos from Dec-Jan. this week, too. I haven't printed any in ages, and really want to get an album going again. I love going back and looking through them all.

  3. I love this list. I want to read that book now. :) Love the longer days too. And I love you.