Thursday, February 10, 2011

Lists of 2011 - #6

Lists of 2011 - #6 - 10 Things I Love About My Son

Darrin is our only son and he is our firstborn.  Almost 34 years ago, his arrival made me a mom!  He was such an easy baby - he nursed well, he slept regularly, he walked early, he talked easily - thankfully, he took my inexperience and thrived anyway.  I think that being his mom first made it easy to fall in love with being a parent.  He is away from our home now, married with a wonderful wife, but I hope he will always  know just how much he is loved, just like he has been from the very first moment he arrived in our family.

1.  He is cool, calm and collected in nearly every situation.

2.  Organized could be his middle name - in everything from the way things are hung in the closet to the top of his desk.

3.  Confident in himself and his talents, he is capable in so many areas.  One thing I adore is how great he is with kids including his nieces and nephews and the kids of co-workers and friends.  He'll be an awesome dad someday :)

4.  A love of traveling is part of this child too!  I think our children must have all been born under a wandering star :)

5.  A natural athlete, he is an awesome hockey player, skier, golfer - every sport comes naturally, it seems.

6.  In gatherings, he can sit quietly and just smiles as the conversation flows, especially when his wife is telling stories.  (K is the best at telling stories!)

7.  Mechanical and logical, he is good at building and understanding how things work.  He likes projects and is often called on to fix things.

8.  He loves photography and together with Kelsey, they take great pictures.  He is always trying to learn more about his hobbies too.

9.  He takes great care of things, including his vehicles.  He's on top of the maintenance schedule, tire changes and vacuuming the interior.

10.  Being healthy is important to him and he eats accordingly.  When he was little, he wasn't much of a vegetable lover but he makes up for it now.  And junk food is not really on his radar - well, except for the odd chocolate dessert!

11.  When I look at him, I see so many reflections of my dad.  His calmness, his drive, his quiet way of warming up to conversations, his love of children, his quest for delicious food, his love of sports - there's lots of Grampa in him!


  1. My first born son is the same age - almost 34, and he too survived a novice Mum well. Your boy sounds like a wonderful man, Crystal. And your love for him - and all your children- just shines from the screen here.

  2. It is really good to make lists and think about all that we love and why. When you write about Darrin as a babe and little boy it reminds me so much of Samuel. There is such a special love between a mom and her boy.