Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Happy Birthday, D!

Happy Birthday to our son!  I wrote this post about him just a few weeks ago - so glad I recorded these thoughts about someone who is so very special.   It's good to reflect on the years and remember hockey on the skating rink on the lawn, the dogs that he's loved over the years,  how he learned to ride the bike on the front lawn, what a help he was with chores and fieldwork, how very even-tempered he's always been, when he went away after high school graduation, summers back at home - the list could go on and on!

You are an amazing man.

We've celebrated a lot of milestones.

You have been blessed with health and strength, 
wisdom and kindness, intelligence and a big heart.

May you continue to enjoy every day
and God's care and blessings always!
We love you very much!

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  1. what a great collection of photos of Darrin. happy birthday, d!