Friday, January 14, 2011

Some Days!

When I brought home a new 4L jug of milk the other day, I grabbed an empty quart jar that was on the cupboard and poured it full of the last bit of milk from the old jug.    Today I brewed a lovely pot of chai tea - a pick-me-up for the 4th day of gloomy, snowy cold weather that we're having.  I dropped some brown sugar into my favourite Polish mug, poured it full of chai and then added some warm milk to top it off.  All set to enjoy a lovely cup!

And then I took a drink - - -  and it tastes like garlic dill pickles!  Can you imagine?
 Chai tea + milk + brown sugar = extreme garlic pickle taste!

Apparently the jar I used was one from dill pickles and now the milk tastes like them too.  And these pickles were made with an extra, extra large clove of garlic fresh picked in BC in late August.  There's no hope for the milk that's in there.  Too bad I don't have any chickens - they'd be having a lovely late day snack of grain soaked in pickle milk!!  Lesson learned:  smell the jar before pouring anything into it.

I started over with a new batch of milk - and am quite enjoying my tea now :)


  1. Oh no! I've done the same thing with a batch of yogurt and I did not want to throw it out so every morning for a couple weeks my breakfast tasted like pickles. Blech!

    At least you got a pretty picture!

  2. Yuk. Not good! You could have used it for soup, I suppose!

  3. lol. That's terrible. I've had similar experiences. I've found that it's not actually the jar itself that has the odour, but the lid and rubber. If I put some plastic wrap between the lid and the jar and then close it there's no odour taste to the contents. Something to try.
    Glad that you got to start over and get in that delicious cup of tea.

  4. Oh dear! I couldn't help but laugh!!!
    I always *think* about making proper chai tea, but never actually do it. Maybe today I'll be more inspired!