Friday, January 21, 2011

Lists of 2011 - #3

List #3 - Quirks About Me

1.  I really dislike being wet when I have clothes on.  Water fights are not my idea of a fun time and wet socks drive me crazy!

2.  Good manners are pretty important to me, especially when eating.  And my kids know what topics are off limits during dinner conversations!

3.  My closet is arranged by color too - just like Heather, Mary and Rhonda!  Apparently us creative types are all cleverly organized in this way.  And my SB supplies are pretty much organized by color too :) - thanks to Stacy Julian.

4.  Folding clean laundry must be done in a very particular way.

5.  I hate garbage or loose paper flying around outside.

6.  I sleep best on my right side - with the blankets pulled up nearly over my head - just like Heather.  I wonder where she got that from!

7.  I will stay in bed until the absolute last minute in the morning.  Once I'm up there's no problem with getting going on the day but if there's any chance of staying under the covers for another minute, I'll take it.

8. I like to save the icing on cake to eat last.  I'll eat the inside of the slice and leave a narrow rim of cake with icing  - the best for last.

9.  Throwing photographs away is almost impossible for me - even if they are awful.

10.  The cups, glasses and dishes in my cupboards are all lined up in rows.  No helter skelter in this part of my life!


  1. This is awesome. I loved reading this and learning about you. :)

  2. I definitely see a few of those quirks in myself and some of your other children. I've become quite particular about manners in this house, too. I didn't know you ate your cake like that. I guess I've never noticed. I don't really like icing and often put it on Tyler's plate; just too sweet for me. ;)