Sunday, January 09, 2011

A Milestone

So Bob had a birthday this weekend and we celebrated very quietly (for now!).  For his 50th birthday 10 years ago I made him a scrapbook - the first one I ever did.  It's hard to believe that I've been scrapbooking for that long - and it's hard to believe that my husband is 60 years old.  Life is good and we are indeed blessed!!

My husband has always had dreams and goals and one of the most recent was to climb Mount Kilimanjaro, in Africa, before he turned 60.  So last year that's what he did!  The last trek to the top eluded him when he got a lung infection but he got very close.

looking at Kili from Amboseli

Just last night during our little New York City movie marathon, he said how glad he was that we were able to visit the Big Apple.  

on the ferry to see the Statue of Liberty

And he is definitely enjoying being a grampa!

straw maze with Helayna and Silas

skating on Lake Invermere

drawing during family art time

He's developed an interest in woodworking and this year made the girls art boxes for Christmas.

He's an expert at towing people out of jams when we are quadding.

with Ian at Crimson Lake

He is the man who taught me how to dance, how to laugh more and to embrace new challenges.

dancing with Helayna at Darrin and Kelsey's wedding

I pray that the years ahead will be filled with family, friends, new adventures, and much happiness!

Happy Birthday, Bob!


  1. Happy Birthday Bob! I hope you are busy making another list of goals to be reached before the next big milestone!
    Crystal, it is a delight to know such a happy couple, who take such delight in each other and their family!
    And I* don't want to even consider how fast "the milestone" is approaching over here either!

  2. Happy Birthday Bob!! What a great post to make tribute to the man that you love and that God has blessed you with. You are so blessed to be able to spend all of these milestones together. Loved the pictures too!

  3. Anonymous10:00 PM

    Happy Birthday Dad! Such a great tribute to him. The kids loved seeing all these photos. :)