Thursday, January 27, 2011

Lists of 2011 - #4

List #4 - Best Snacks

1.  Nachos with salsa and melted cheese - sometimes it's supper too :)

2.  Hummus with chips or on crackers or toast

3.  Cheese, crackers and pickles - a lunch kit staple

4.  Fresh fruit, especially berries of any kind but I love apples, bananas, oranges, cherries, grapes, kiwi, peaches . . . - all of them, really!

5.  Dips like shrimp dip, spinach dip or surprise spread with crackers but I only make them when we are having company.  Sometimes there are leftovers which are awesome on toast the next morning.

6.  Fresh vegetables from the garden (or farmer's market) with dill dip

7.  Nuts and bolts - homemade ones - I only make - and eat! - them at Christmas time

8.  Nuts - salted are best

9.  Chocolate chip cookies - seriously a big problem when I bake them, which is not often anymore.

10.  Poppycock - again, only in a 2 month window around Christmas time - but I look forward to it all year!

11. Popcorn

12.  Bagels - with lots of different toppings

13.  Celery or apple slices with cheez whiz or peanut butter

14.  Chocolate covered almonds - love 'em!

Check Mary, Heather and Rhonda's blogs to see what they listed.


  1. I think I get my love of dips and cheese/crackers/pickles from you. Yum! I love that you are doing this with us!

  2. mmmm great list! And I am really glad you joined us too!!!

  3. I'm pretty sure we'd have the same number one snack if I were making this list, although you have a lot of very good ones up there. Now I know what to give or make you for a special treat.