Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Lists of 2011 - #1

It's almost halfway into January of the new year already!  Heather and Mary are doing weekly lists on their blogs and the first one was creating a list of goals or resolutions for this year.  

Here is my list of things to do in 2011:

1.  Blog from my heart, following the Spirit's leading
2.  Read my Bible daily
3.  Participate in small group Bible study
4.  Move more
5.  Eat less, eat consciously
6.  Sew something every week
7.  Write daily
8.  Read for book club and for pleasure
9.  Grow tomato plants from seeds
10.  Finish painting the kitchen and living room
11.  Make some altered storybook notepads
12.  Sew 2 quilts
13.  Finish Silas' quilt
14.  Sew pillowcases for next Christams
15.  Frame 2 pictures from our travels
16.  Bake bread weekly
17.  Take a photo a day
18.  Organize fabric stash
19.  Move fabric stash into dresser
20.  Sort through and purge closet
21.  Give purged stuff to Second Glance
22.  Write 1 letter each week
23.  Write faithfully to Compassion children each month
24.  Cuddle our new grandchild :)
25.  Clean out bookshelf in studio
26.  Go to Millarville Christmas Market with Kelsey
27.  Get fruit in BC with Heather
28.  Can more salsa
29.  Make more sauerkraut
30.  Have a creative weekend with Esther
31.  Go to one of Silas and Helayna’s gymnastics classes
32.  Clean out the toybox
33.  Sew new kitchen curtains
34.  Take a class at the Apple store
35.  Stamp sets of cards to give as gifts
36.  Clean and organize Mel’s bedroom downstairs
37.  Phone Dakin monthly
38.  Go on a Lange quadding weekend
39.  Have our grandchildren for a sleepover
40.  Take One Little Word class at BPS
41.  Wash the fronts of the kitchen cupboards
42.  Listen to music more often
43.  Record our everyday moments in pictures
44.  Put old pictures of the kids in photo albums
45.  Write more blog posts about Africa
46.  Find new lampshades
47.  Visit my Aunt Helen to find out details about Uncle Herb
48.  Go to a movie with Devrah
49.  Host book club
50.  Share more baking with others
51.  Create one special scrapbook layout of a moment shared with each of our grandchildren
52.  De-clutter my night table area
53.  Have company for Easter dinner
54.  Celebrate our grandchildren’s birthdays with them
55.  Entertain friends and family in our home regularly
56.  Organize gmail messages archive

I've got a start going on some already - I am so happy!


  1. I need a nap after reading that. A wonderful and varied list too. Well done, Crystal! Hmmm. I have a lot I could sticjk on a list. That would make me accountable. Maybe after I have some more coffee.....!

  2. Anonymous10:42 AM

    This is awesome! I'm totally looking forward to #27. :)