Thursday, January 06, 2011

Good Things - 2011

Here's a new little feature that I'm going to do this year - lists of some of the Good Things In My Life!  I am so very blessed and so content in this phase of life and these lists will help me to remember and share some of those things.  Today I'm smiling about these things!

1.  A beautiful poinsettia plant that has flourished this month - unlike some years!

2.  Christmas mugs - make drinking hot things just a little more special.

3.  New calendars with beautiful pictures.  This is one that we received as a gift - so many good places to enjoy, even if only in pictures.

4.  Downloading the camera and finding more great memories captured.

5.  Finding toys in unusual places - a reminder that the grandchildren were here!

6.  New quilting books - this one is just beautiful!

And here's a look inside!  It's so beautiful and has awesome instructions for a whole variety of projects.

7.  A winter white landscape - it's snowing big white fluffy flakes today and everything  melds together in a Doctor Zhivago like way.

8.  A big hot pot of green tea.

9.  Juicy navel oranges.

10.  Christmas letters and pictures still coming in the mail.

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  1. I love your lists as usual and look forward to another great year of "good things" in your life and ours! So glad that you had such a blessed Christmas and New Years.