Monday, January 17, 2011

Gratitude Gifts Today

The fluffy snow piles up. 
 The snowdrifts build.  
The intersection corners are rounded.  
The oncoming traffic is hidden. 
 And all the world is smothered in white.  

And just as the world is blanketed, so my life is covered up with goodness.  It doesn't stop coming.  It covers every part of every day.  And I am so grateful for His coming and for His love and for all the blessings He gives.  

- the news that her book has shipped!

- the announcement that the  Bloom  book club will discuss her book in February - oh, my!

- watching snowflakes swirl and drift

- safe and warm inside the house

- teaching Sunday School

- the tiniest of voices echoing the prayer

- baked apples

- talking to far away loved ones

- sewing

- online inspiration

- a vacuum cleaner

- brightly decorated notepaper

- candlelight brightening the corners

- finished projects

- anticipating the smiles

- letters from my sister

- visiting and laughing with friends

- new recipes

- a challenge to cook simply with ingredients on-hand

- a car that starts

- getting out of the driveway 

- good lesson plans

- cooperative high school students

- warm towels

- special coasters that bring a smile (thanks, K!)

- new slippers

- the world of blogs

- leaving it all with Him in prayer

- reading words of encouragement in the Bible

(photo from photobucket)


  1. I am so excited re Ann's book although I will have to wait a while. It is not available at Amazon here. Not yet. But I will find a way of getting it soon!I want to take part in Bloom too!
    The sun is shining here today adn the wind is cold, but a friend is coming to prune my apple tree for me. So I am on coffee duty. Excellent. So much to be thankful for....

  2. You will love Ann's book. I just finished it yesterday and it is simply amazing. She has such rich insight!

  3. Anonymous3:56 PM

    I can't wait to read Ann's book, whenever it may be. She has such a gift with words.
    Beautiful list! Love you!