Monday, January 10, 2011

Gratitude Gifts Today

The world is covered over with a thick blanket of pure white snow today and it's a reminder to me that no matter how deep my troubles seem or how unfaithful my life has been, God covered me over when He sent Jesus to be my Saviour.  My life is smoothed out, the beauty is restored, and when He shines on me I can have a new start.  It just amazes me that this is my daily gift from Him!  Every morning, without fail, without my asking, without any conditions - His grace comes to me again.  And if He gives grace without fail, then I serve Him by giving thanks without fail and so the counting continues.

- snow sparkling in the bright sun

- deep, deep drifts piling up

- being snowbound

- snow days with no busses running

- cocooning, with great pleasure, on those days

- fresh bread baking

- the colors of fabric

- big cup of berry blossom white tea in my favourite Polish mug

- berries in the snow

- new notecards

- gently putting away the new things received for Christmas

- thoughts of each giver

- photo books

- treasures buried under the snow

- stacks of letters to mail

- corners of Christmas lingering

- the anticipation of book club tonight

- snowblower and a husband who works long outside in the deep

tracks made while snowshoeing

- His word

- a quiet telephone

- snow hanging over eaves

- icicles

- quiet

- prayers before bed and the utter calm they bring

-  winter sunset

- homemade mushroom soup

- last of Christmas cookies

- time to create

- phone calls with loved ones


  1. that is way too much snow for my liking. yikes. we are supposed to get a dump in the next few days. i am not looking forward to it...

  2. Beautiful. Your words all spell peace to me, Crystal, and remind me of the stillness of the world when it snows. A lovely time for reflection.

  3. Gorgeous picture of the sunset. It always amazes me the colours and depth of AB sunsets.
    Looks like you're sending your snowy weather our way. Maybe an extra day to stay home and catch up with my boys, and spend a little longer counting all the goodness.

  4. Anonymous10:41 AM

    oh, your words made me teary. so beautiful and so true.