Saturday, September 18, 2010

Ten on Friday

1.  I was shocked to hear about the tornadoes that touched down in New York City last night!  Melinda and Tyler lived in both Brooklyn and Queens, the areas that were affected.  Thank you, Lord for safely returning them to Canada and that there weren't too many casualties in NYC.

2.  We had the first frost of the season last night.  It went down to -4 degrees C and the ground was very white this morning.

3.  The tomatoes, sunflowers and vine crops are looking very black today.  I picked all of this off on Wednesday and I guess this pretty much brings the growing season to an end.  There's still lots of harvesting of root crops and cleaning up to do.

4.  This post, 9 Skills Every Woman Should Master, by Christine Kane is an excellent must-read.  Do it for yourself today :)

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5.  I had to clear the rest of another shelf off in my storage area downstairs so I'd have room for the 15 jars of zucchini relish and the 8 jars of applesauce that I made this week.   Next up:  salsa and then sauerkraut!  Both of those will be new ventures for me.  

6.  The view outside my window in the tractor was just beautiful tonight.  The leaves are really changing color now and it's gorgeous driving through the countryside now. 

The sun was directly behind the hy-dump and though I was hoping for a bit of flare, I really had to concentrate on my driving, not the picture taking.  

7.  Have you ever walked into a familiar store and found that they rearranged everything since your last visit?  That was me at Old Navy last night!  I guess I've been away from shopping for longer than I thought.

8.  Three out of the four subbing days I've done this year have been with grade 6's.  They are cool - on the brink of teenage years but not in the angst yet :)

9.  Lesson of the day:  the tractor heater does work AND  if you turn the fan on, you will get heat!  

10.  Every time I see this little spot in our home, I have to smile - and I always think of my grandparents. I'm so glad I got to have this table and the cloth runner - and that Becky inspires me to use them in my home. 


  1. ooooh, i love that little table you got - super cute!

    hope you have a good productive weekend. you've been so busy lately.

    talk soon!

  2. I love that table, too. It fits perfectly there, and the colour goes so well with the floors. Nice antique treat.
    I'm glad we missed the tornadoes as well. How crazy is that?! The weather is very strange these days. Sorry you had to do the last of the picking so early. Hope the crops come off ok with all that frost.

  3. FABULOUS table!! Love it!