Friday, September 03, 2010

Gratitude Gifts Today

It's the week that school starts here again - where did the summer go?  It was counted as blessings of sunshine and rain, family and friends, adventures and relaxing.  And so I count again as a new month begins.  

- that there is no school for me today
- lingering with a book
- wild mushrooms
- scrambled eggs with those mushrooms
- fresh buns
- preparing for a little journey
- a clean floor
- the good news of a safe arrival
- her postings so that I know she is okay, safe in the arms of the Father, cared for by her husband, filled up with her boys
- cleaning out the little spaces of our home
- a batch of Fiddle Diddle Cookies
- cookies reminding me of my mom
- safety while driving
- long talks
- wild asters blooming
- picking vegetables from the garden
- the first cucumber big enough to pick
- hugs

- fresh fruit, hanging on the tree

- trees heavy with their crop

- the hard work of all those farmers that results in produce brought to the market

- a van with plenty of room

- no vehicle problems

- delicious chocolate raspberry ice cream

- cheese curds

- seeing how walnuts grow

- the Creator who made the mountains and all the plants and trees

- visits with my brother and his wife

- hugs upon returning home

- so thankful for the opportunity to find fruit and the means with which to buy it

- that God loves me every single day 

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  1. Thank you, Crystal. You are a blessing!