Monday, September 27, 2010

Gratitude Gifts Today

It is good to give thanks for every little thing in every day.  For in the noticing, I am reminded of the Giver and how much He loves me.  And I am reminded to share every little thing, from a moment of my time to a smile to what I have, with those that I meet each day.

So on a beautiful, sunny autumn day, surrounded by vibrant colors, my list grows.

- gathering with women

- celebrating a marriage that is coming

- hearing stories

- grieving for friends who have suffered a sudden loss

- extended family

- birthdays

- cakes!

- the colors of autumn

- leaves in all shapes and sizes

- harvesting of garden produce

- good surprises when the roots are pulled up

- sound of geese honking

- funny blog posts that make me laugh out loud

- time for bike riding

- checking items off the to-do list

- smell of fresh apple cranberry muffins

- surprise and delight at seeing the apple tree leaves completely yellow today

- crunch of leaves under my bike tires

- leaves floating and flying like little birds

- time to take pictures

- simple suppers

- piles of fabric squares

- cool, clear water to drink

- advice from my children

- flowers still blooming

- the gift of a son and daughters

- reminders of lessons from God in Sunday sermons

- this peaceful life that He has given me

holy experience


  1. I always love your gracious heart, Crystal :o)

  2. Anonymous10:33 PM

    I love reading your list each week. The earth is full of the most beautiful, vibrant colours right now, isn't it?!