Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Conversations with Helayna

Silas called me after supper yesterday - he's so sweet!  It was basically "Hi, Gamma - bye!"  And then Helayna had a turn to chat too.

H:  Gramma, could you come for a sleepover soon?

G:  I would love to do that!

H:  Maybe you could stay for 100 sleepovers.

G:  Wow - that's a lot of days!  I think Grampa might miss me if I came for such a long time.

H:  That is a lot of sleeps.  Just bring Grampa too!  That will be okay then.

Ah, yes, sweet granddaughter - that would be okay with me but I'm pretty sure that Mommy and Daddy would get tired of me after a lot less than 100 days!!  Her fascination with numbers - and sleepovers - continues!


  1. She is just too cute. I want to come over for a sleepover and big hugs. She really loves her grandma and granpa.

  2. She cracks me up with the things she says. Thanks for writing this down so we can remember.

  3. That's so cute. I love those kinds of conversations.