Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Gratitude Gifts Today

It really is a way of living and when I count the blessings, there is no situation to panic about or worry about or be impatient about.  And when sweet Ann, who posts this today, encourages and counts the simplest of things, I too am reminded that my God provides so much for me and I honour him when I help to provide for others too.    As September rolls ahead, a summer's abundance continues to provide work and the promise of good things to eat this winter.

- a home of our own

- clothes, of all colors and styles

- a basket full of shoes

- a furnace that comes on when the night is too cold

- family members, all safe and healthy

- birthdays

- his excitement as thoughtfully chosen gifts were just perfect

- her patience as little brother was in the limelight

- delicious Sunday chicken dinners

- gracious host and hostess

- sweet, sweet smiles of a one-year old

- the playfulness of grampa and granddaughter

- boxes and boxes of fresh fruit (an orchard in the basement, as Helayna says!)

- sealed jars of peaches to put away on shelves

- breakfast pushed into the fridge last night and baked this morning

- fruit + bread + eggs = oven baked French toast

- steady work

- sharing the bounty

- sun climbing up over the cornstalks and the sunflowers

- traditions that began with grandmothers

- full jars of pears waiting for a hot bath

- abundant grain crops

- days of sunshine and incorrect weather forecasts

- hawks circling in the air

- signs of autumn

- work completed at day's end

- pop of lids as jars seal

- hospitals and good health care

- my God whose grace is mine every day

holy experience


  1. Beautiful. Your list gives me such a clear picture of you, Crystal, and I am so glad you are my friend!

  2. Ann's post really hit home with me too. We take so much for granted. Thanks for reminding me again of all the things I have to be grateful for.