Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Autumn Routines

Now that Naomi's maternity leave is over and school has started again for Jerry, I am thrilled to spend a whole day occasionally with Meadow and Blake.  We have so much fun together, playing, walking outside, reading books, and being silly :)

We baked Pinkalicious cupcakes one day,

have the whole living room set up as a camper / fort, where we even have a bed under the canopy,

and have played outside in the awesome double decker tree house that Jerry (with Meadow's direction!) built.

It's been a very good start to September!


  1. Ah such fun! I remember making houses in the summer when I was small, using sun umbrellas, lowering them down to the lowest point, and pegging towels around the edges. Imagination!

  2. Wonderful, Crystal! I know how much fun my mom has with Victor--they do all kinds of things that (honestly) I don't have the energy to do. You Grandmas are the best! XO

  3. PS I feel the need for a pinkalicious cupcake too!

  4. That is one super duper tree fort. What fun they have when gramma is over. Can you come stay with Samuel one day a week, too?

  5. Anonymous11:31 PM

    Wow, that's quite the tree house! What a lucky girl! They are so lucky to have you so close by.