Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Making Salsa

Take 12 lbs. of ripe tomatoes -

add peppers and onions -

season and simmer -

put in jars and seal -

and you will get THE most delicious salsa ever!!

Go to Mennonite Girls Can Cook and check the canning and preserving section for their awesome recipes.

And then I decided to cost it out!  Well, well, well!!

Tomatoes - 12 lbs. @ $0.40/lb.    $12.80
Peppers - green & colored              6.50
Garlic (from BC)                             2.50
Onions (from garden)
Vinegar                                              .75
Spices (guesstimate)                        1.25
Sugar & salt                               .50

Total                                            $24.30

Divided between 12 jars   =           $2.025

That same size of jar at Superstore (the cheapest place I know to shop) is $3.99 so I saved half - had a pleasant afternoon in the kitchen AND have an awesome product with 0 preservatives, hardly any salt or sugar, and most of it (except for vinegar, sugar, salt and spices) was grown within 500 km of home.

I had heard people say that once you make your own salsa, you will never use the store-bought kind again and now I know why!  I'm on the hunt for more tomatoes!!


  1. We love making and canning salsa! Yours looks yummy!

  2. mmmm i LOVE homemade salsa!!!!!!!!!

  3. That's awesome. I always loved Auntie E's salsa over store bought. I can't wait to try yours. Next summer/fall you're coming to my house to teach me some of these things.

  4. Anonymous8:37 PM

    Yum! It looks really good. I can't wait to try yours. ;)

  5. Looks delicious!!