Friday, May 30, 2008

Trees - and Flashbacks

We had a 'little' outdoor project this week. My brother called to say that he had some extra trees and would we like them? Well, we would like them but we really had no place to plant them so ---- Bob's spent the last 2 days disking, rototilling and rolling to get a spot ready.

Here we are - ready to start! There are going to be three very long rows of white and Colorado spruce trees in here very soon.

Thank goodness Mel and Tyler helped us! We ended up planting 384 trees out here. I really hope they grow!

And while we were planting, we reminisced about all the gorgeous rows of planted trees we'd seen in South America. Most farm yards and driveways are lined with huge old eucalyptus trees.

And a very interesting thing about these trees is the wonderful aroma that you get when you crush the leaves. Some smelled like lemon and some had more of a mint smell. Meet Leni and Louise who shared this little bit of info with us - and passed around some leaves to smell on the bus :))

Here is the street right outside of our posada (hotel) in Colonia, Uruguay. It was the start of autumn down there so they trees were just starting to lose their leaves. It's pretty amazing what memories come back to us sometimes!


  1. wow that is a LOT of trees to plant!!!! Hope they grow wonderfully! And how cool about the trees on your trip!

  2. Wow, it looks like it was a tonne of work! I hope they grow well.
    Dad looks real impressed in that photo! LOL! Good thing you had Mel and Ty to help, hey?
    See you soon!

  3. That is a lot of trees!! Hope they grow!!

  4. Those trees will be sensational when they have grown, Crystal! When you said plant some trees, most of us will have thought maybe 3 or 4. You planted hundreds! I am surprised any of you can still straighten up!

  5. Phew! Glad those are finished with and we had good weather while doing it. Great memories brought back, too. Thanks for sharing them. It was fun to hear you and Dad talk more about your trip, especially in person. ;)

  6. "Some extra trees?" Ohmygoodness, I thought you meant three or four! What a valiant bit of work you guys did!

    Crystal, your property is beautiful.

    Love the new blog look!