Thursday, May 15, 2008

Lessons I've Learned While Blogging

Blogiversary - part 3

1. I look at the world, especially my little corner of it, more carefully and think about the story or memories in each day much more closely now.

2. A picture is worth a thousand words, especially when it involves grand-daughters!

3. The internet can seriously consume a large portion of my time, if I let it!

4. There are good people - smart, kind, caring, humourous, honouring God - everywhere.

5. Writing a blog is seriously good practice for developing vocabulary and writing skills. Oh, and proofreading skills too!

6. Technology has a mind of it's own!

7. For the first time in my life, I've been able to keep a journal (which is what a blog is) for more than a few months.

8. There are amazing opportunities to serve and help others via the blogosphere. (I've sponsored a child, sent skirts, sandals and school supplies to AFrica, and prayed for many friends over the time I've been a blogger.)

9. Words of encouragement, admiration and suggestions warm my heart.

10. Writing about a vacation is a wonderful way to relive the adventure - and to preserve the memories for scrapbooking.

I didn't realize how much I would enjoy blogging. I must say that I love being able to share and write on a daily basis. Thank you for encouraging me, all of you!

And nowI have a care package to send to one of you faithful readers this week. I'm sad to say it will not be a new camera or printer - or even a gift card like Pioneer Woman shares but I think you will like it nonetheless. So - tell me why you blog and I'll do a random drawing on Saturday after 6 p.m. and share some treats with the lucky winner. (Remember to leave me a link or contact so I can find you - thanks.)


  1. Does my list have to be as long as yours? :)
    I blog because:
    - it keeps my family and friends up-to-date on all the happens in my part of the world
    - so i don't have to journal in my scrapbook. I can just print out my post and add it to the LO (or take parts of it)
    - because I know there are far more people who read it than I know and they like it
    - to share my hubbies amazing photos
    - to teach and share more about cultures, countries and uniquenesses around the world

  2. Congratulations, Crystal on 2 years!!! You also won on my blog... smiles!

  3. Hi Crystal,
    Just catching up here and wanted to wish you congratulations on your two yr blogiversary.
    Why do I blog?
    My blog is a place to remember very special moments and to show little glimpses into my life.
    I also blog because I've found an amazing community of women who can offer each other encouragement through emails, prayer, or a heartfelt comment.

  4. I blog because I can't seem to remember anything anymore if I don't write it down. I also blog so that my family can see photos and hear updates on Helayna.
    And I love your list and love to read your blog!

  5. I am like Heather, if I don't write it down and keep a record of it, it's gone!!
    - I did start blogging to keep a record so that I could scrap book it later (it also forced me to take more pictures and get more creative)
    - It then became a way to let my family and friends know what we have been up to and stay connected.
    - It's also a place I can put prayer requests, share struggles and know that I will get encouraged and uplifted!

  6. Because it is my journal. I wasn't writing down stories or events and I needed some way of keeping track.

  7. I blog to preserve the everyday memories of our life. Oh how I would have loved to read words that my mother wrote when I was younger. I also love the connection it creates between people that are physically not close.

  8. Hi Crystal.... I started to keep friends and family up to date with our antics, and then it developed a life of its own really. I met such wonderful people out there, who are dear friends now, and I have met a couple already and am meeting more tomorrow! In real life!
    One day I hope to make a Grand Blog Tour and visit more. I can but dream! It has brought me so much joy. I have learnt so much and discovered parts of the world I will never see in real life, but can through the eyes and words of my friends. It is priceless.

  9. I wrote my first blog post yesterday! Why did I start? Well, I enjoy reading other people's blogs and getting a glimpse into other real lives. I hope to share my family's daily happenings with family members who live across the country. Writing stuff down is a good way for me to 'process' and figure out things. I figure my blogs reason for being will evolve as I go along and that's good too. A new opportunity to learn and grow...good stuff!

  10. Love your list. A lot of them would apply for me too. Another for me is that it is a place to connect with the outside world. Sometimes with small kids and you are at home all day, you need connection with adults. And my blog is part of that.

  11. LOVE your list and totally agree with you! :)
    I blog for many reasons.
    1. a great communication tool for friends and family across the states that I don't get to see regularly.
    2. It's like a diary for me in a lot of ways.
    3. My photo a day blog keeps me thinking outside the box for taking fun photographs.
    There are more...but I don't want to take up too much space here! xoxo

  12. Thanks for reading the Compassion Blog, Crystal.

    Exciting news that you sponsored a child! I look forward to hearing what God does through you in your child's life.