Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Thanksliving Blog Style

Blogiversary - part 2

My list of things that I am grateful for today is connected to the blogsphere and I'm going to link you to some amazingly wonderful bloggers. All of them could be placed in many categories but I've chosen just one so that I can show you several different people. I've found these links over the past 2 years and I love to periodically return and see what these friends are up to. Be sure to go and visit them - I know you will love them too.

I am grateful for:

1. online photos and photographers - such inspiration, such talent, such willingness to share and educate others. Check out Donna aka Miz Booshay, Audrey Woolard and Karen Russell. I would love to take a workshop from these women!

2. creative inspiration - projects, tips, challenges and so much goodness from Ali Edwards, Amanda Soule and Christi Snow.

3. a worldwide community, linked by this thing we call the internet - Linds in England, Nic in New Zealand and Heidi Swapp in China. It's probably my love of travel that makes this something I like so much.

4. knowledge about people and needs in other places and ways I can help. Compassion International -today's news is about the Silent Tsunami - the world food shortage and what it means for developing countries. I urge you to consider sponsoring a child today. The difference just a little money each month can make is amazing. In some places for some kids, the only meal they receive each day is from Compassion - kids shouldn't have to grow up worrying about how the rest of their family will find food. (And on my to do list today is write a letter to Thayane, the little girl we are sponsoring in Brazil.)

5. strong women who encourage me in faithfulness, living a full life and being a positive force in my world. Stacy, Becky (who always has a nice playlist!) and Kelly are models for me.

6. humour and a way with words that encourages me in my own thinking, writing, and peacefulness with life. You will laugh with Pioneer Woman (especially if you know anything about farming!) and BooMama too!

7. friends who take time to comment and share their thoughts with me. Vanessa, Rhonda and Jill brighten my days.

If you saw my bookmarks, you would know that I have many, many more links I could have shared. Each blog brings its own smiles, ideas and joy to my days. These are just a few that I've chosen to share today. There are many more of you who deserve to be mentioned but I'm afraid I need to leave it at this. My, it's taken a long time to do this today! I have made such an amazing network of friends through this blog. I am blessed and so grateful!


  1. Anonymous5:18 PM

    I know I"m blessed, too, to know you, Crystal! XO

  2. Another great post!! I am so excited to check out some of these blogs that you have listed!! Thank you too for your comments and words of encouragement! You have truly blessed me and brightened my days too!! Thanks!!

  3. Nice post, Crystal, honoring those who bless you.

  4. Do you think you'll ever get to visit them all, all the different countries? Would you like to meet these bloggers in person?
    The connections we make are amazing. What our life be like without the internet? I can't imagine it, but it wasn't that long ago that we didn't have it.

  5. What a sweet post! There are so many good blogs out there, aren't there?!

  6. I am also blessed to have met you, Crystal. I have been visiting those other blogs I have not been too and have had such fun!

  7. Hi Crystal!
    Thank you for blessing me by including me in your blog!

    I am glad I noticed your link in my stats referrals today :o)

    You should say hi sometime in the comments :o)

    You seem like such a lovely woman!