Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Miss M

Chapter 1 - Meadow's Long Weekend

"It's a great day for hanging out at Gramma's house."

"I need to water Gramma's plants. I can fill the cup if you hold it, peese!"

"I think 5 bottles of water will be just about right for all of them. She probably won't have to water them for a couple of days now."

"I can wash your feet, Auntie Kelsey. I know the water's kind of cold but you'll get used to it."

"Swimming but Grampa's busy splashing the ball in my water. I think he wants to swim too."

"I'm heading home now. It gets windy sometimes and then we have to put the top up on Mommy's car. "

" I can play peekaboo looking out the back window."

Chapter 2 - Meadow Visits the Greenhouse

"My Gramma thinks I'm so cute! "

"For some reason I can't seem to stand up in here. Help, help! Oh, here comes Gramma to rescue me. Mommy's too busy taking pictures to be of any help."

"Looking at flowers is really tiring. I think I'll just have a little night-night in here."

"Hmmm - which ones do I like best? There are so many to choose from."

"I'm pretty sure I can figure out how to get these out of here. I'm really good at figuring stuff out. I surprise Gramma all the time!"

"I think I'll take these. Mommy's been looking at white flowers so I think she wants these too."

"I just love picking flowers! A few weeks ago I picked all of Mommy's crocus blossoms too. This has been a really fun day! I think Gramma will be able to make a scrapbook layout from our adventures today. That will make her happy :))"


  1. So sweet! I love the picture in the fountain!

  2. Looks like a fun adventure!

  3. Adorable child and such a blessing to all of your lives. Nothings like 'em!!!! I loved the statement about mommy being to busy taking pictures to help!!

  4. aaah she is such a sweetie!

  5. She is so sweet! I am sure your visits are just so much fun. I can see my mom in you with my kids when they were that age... Ethan never sat still so my dad was always with him - chasing after him... But Bella and my mom are soul mates. They are hilarious together and Bella and my mom can shop/browse for hours and hours. Anywhere. The market; the mall; the plant nursery... It is a blessing.

  6. Too cute! I love those photos!

  7. Cute as can be! I love the narrative, Crystal! XO

  8. Looks like you had lots of fun together over the long weekend. We're eager to come and play with Meadow, and hopefully see some big, blue Alberta sky.

  9. So sweet! You look like you are having the time of your life too, Crystal!

  10. Great Photos!! Can't wait to see the finished layouts!