Tuesday, May 20, 2008


These things made my week special:

1. fragrant blossoms on the mayday trees - the first thing to bloom here this year.

2. days spent in complete enjoyment with my precious granddaughters.

3. weiner roasts with baked beans, salads, watermelon and ice cream - summer menu at its best!

4. devotionals and messages from God's word that speak straight to my heart and guide me daily.

5. safe travels by car and by air - Mel and Tyler are safely home in Canada.

6. seeds planted in the garden and tiny seedlings pushing through the soil.

7. bright colors and new growth in greenhouses - and the staff who work hard to have plants ready for gardens and yards.

8. iced chai latte' from Starbucks - a seriously grownup milkshake.

And apparently Blogger has decided not to allow picture posting tonight - sorry!


  1. Yeah!!! We're happy to be home, too. Spring definitely brings about so many good things. Looking forward to the goodness of the garden soon.

  2. Wonderful list, Crystal!

    Glad to hear you're having blossoms--most of our spring trees have already come and gone.

    I'm looking forward to our first cookout with the summer menu--probably next week!

    So glad for you that your daughter has returned to Canada!

    I'm happy to know that you're seeing seedlings in the garden--a sure sign of summer.

    Thanks for sharing this!