Sunday, May 25, 2008

28 Days

I've been having fun with the daily photo assignments from the 28 Days class so here are a few samples. You should try doing these - it's a great record of your life in the here and now!

Day 5 - A Place You Visit Weekly - I'm pretty much a regular here!

Day 9 - Family Shoes - in our front entry

Day 11 - Street Sign

Day 12 - Picture of Family Photos - on our fireplace mantel - one of many groupings in our living room

Day 13 - The Outside of Your Home

Day 16 - A Pile of Stuff - on my scrapbook table

Day 17 - Colour - in Naomi's garden


  1. It looks like you are hahving fun with it. Great pictures!

  2. Great photos! I especially like the street sign one! ;)

  3. Anonymous11:29 AM

    I enjoy seeing your snapshots of everyday life! Thanks for sharing them, Crystal.

    It's neat to know what the outside of your house looks like.

    We take our shoes off at the door, too. That's not very common in the US. I remember staying with a Canadian family on a school trip and we all took our shoes off at the door. I liked doing it then and I'm glad we've adopted the custom.

  4. In the UK people take their shoes off too. Me... I have never got used to this. It would be regarded as the height of rudeness in SA! So after 18 years here, I am slowly learning.....

    I love your daily phot challenge. I think this woudl be a great idea to do too. I must go and find the categories!

    And yes, Crystal, I am loving the break. My whole life needs to be a break! Sigh.

  5. Perfect snapshots of your everyday. Sorry we're slowing you down these days. Can you imagine if we lived with you all year long?!