Saturday, April 21, 2007

Water, Water Everywhere

including the basement! Yeah - not so much fun!

I went downstairs to the laundry room to get my jeans to wear to school yesterday morning and when I got partway down the stairs, I realized there was water in the basement! Let me tell you - that woke me up in a hurry! I had started the washing machine the night before and even though the washer had gone through the complete cycle and turned itself off, the sensor that turns the water off when the tub is full malfunctioned. So water continued to run in the machine for about 9 hours! The floor drain couldn't take all the water so it proceeded to flood the basement. Good thing I went down in the morning (not something I do every day) or it could have run all day too. Needless to say, I had to go to work so the mess was left as it was.

By the time I got home, lots of water had drained away so there were islands and ponds pretty much throughout. I spent several hours sorting, carrying and mopping last night - most productive Friday night I've had for years (usually I collapse by the end of the week)! Today I took a half ton load of stuff, mostly wet boxes and paper, to the dump and turned the fans on downstairs. And started washing rugs and other stuff that was wet. It's pretty much under control now and it actually feels good to have some of that stuff gone. I knew it had to be dealt with but was saving the purging for a summer project. I guess summer came early to my house but you couldn't tell by looking outside. There's snow and water everywhere out there too.

Lesson learned - do not leave the washing machine running and go to bed! You never know when appliances will malfunction. Thanks for reminding me of that. Bob!


  1. Oh, no! This sounds awful. I admire your fortitude on a Friday night! XO, Jill

  2. Sounds like you had a fun evening. Yuck! What a pain, but good spring cleaning I guess. Hope not too much was damaged down there.

  3. UGH! I'm glad you had a chance to do some cleaning! Just think, you'll get to spend more time outside (or with your granddaughters) this summer instead!

  4. Well then it truly was lucky that you went downstairs!! Yikes. Not exactly what I would want to wake up to either. But again, you are right - you never know what will malfuntion when you are not around.
    Hey, at least the basement is clean now!! hee hee