Thursday, April 19, 2007

Inspiration Awaits You!

In my reading and wandering through blogland, I came upon a thread where Jen invited others to share blogs that they loved or felt inspired by. I have found some very interesting sites and good people in this world. I feel privileged to have glimpses into the hearts and souls of other women. Their blogs can be so humourous, humble, filled with gratitude, inspiring in message or activities, and just plain fun to read. I am grateful that our daughters, especially Melinda, introduced me to this phenomenon called blogging. So here are some other blogs that fascinate me - be sure to go over and say "Hi"!

From the world of scrapbooking, Ali E brings her incredible creativity and joy in everyday living. She inspires me daily, her son and husband are cool guys, and she just plain does good things.

With a unique view of the agricultural lifestyle, especially cattle and ranching, Ree will knock your socks (or cowboy boots, as she would say) off with her photography, recipes, kids and wit. She's quite the Pioneer Woman!

Morning Glory is a thinker and challenges me to consider so many different things from her blog, Seeds from My Garden. She is also a grandmother who is filled with faith, love and an encouraging heart. She takes beautiful pictures of sunsets!

Do you have any idea how many photography sites there are? Neither do I - but man, I've found a few that have incredible work. I found one where the guy had won these prestigious awards like "International Wedding Photo of the Year" - and he was from Edmonton! So cool. This woman, Audrey, does photography of kids, babies and families. I really would like to take a seminar from her - too bad she lives in Chicago. Meanwhile I live vicariously through her website - and plan poses with my granddaughters!

Lately, I've found some people who are doing incredibly kind work for people in other places. I've always liked helping kids in other places and Kelli is really involved in charitable work. She's off to Mozambique soon and then to South America in the summer. Go over and see what she's up to today.

And for the best travel pictures, pictures of granddaughters and news of my family, go visit Melinda, who is in Europe or Heather. These were the 2 that encouraged me to start a blog in the first place! Thanks, Girls - love ya!

I know, I know - it's more than 5 but I guarantee you will not be disappointed by any of them. There are many, many more that I could tell you about but I'll save more for another day.

And on a side note, I took the scenic route home through a ditch tonight. Yeah, it's been snowing most of the day and the road was covered with that slushy sleet that was starting to freeze and my car decided to try skating. It very gracefully executed a 180 degree turn but the road wasn't quite wide enough so it had to use part of the ditch too. Luckily it was just a few miles from home and Bob and pulled me out. Man, I hate winter driving, especially when it's in mid-April!


  1. Thanks for sharing. I'm eager to check out more of these favourites. I'm thankful you have created yours, too. I would be so left out of things at home without it. Sorry to hear about the ditch, but I am so glad you're okay and Dad was able to pull you out. I'll be praying for some sunshine out your way.

  2. Thanks for suggesting a few more blogs to check out! I'm always up for suggestions on who to visit.

    So sorry to hear about the ditch--I'm glad you're safe! XO, Jill

  3. Crystal, thank you for such kind words. I'm glad you have found something worthwhile in my blog. I'm glad we "met".