Friday, April 13, 2007

Photo Assignment

I was inspired to document a little piece of my everyday life today. Grocery shopping, circa 2007.

I put myself through university by working 2 evenings and every Saturday at Safeway. It's still where I prefer to do most of my grocery shopping. Do you think this is something my granddaughters might want to know someday? I think so - that's why I spent a little time capturing some pictures this afternoon. I wish I had some pictures and thoughts about my grandmothers' grocery shopping trips. I know they used to take the horse and wagon and drive 10 miles into the nearest village to get the basic supplies. Gramma didn't go very often, that's for sure!

So many amazing patterns and colors in the produce aisles.

I know it's non-grocery but it's still a must-stop-at place on my route.

Little bottles of goodness so neatly lined up.

My favourite frozen dessert treat!

I didn't really realize how many kinds of tea are on the shelves!

So I'm challenging you to document your grocery shopping - it says alot about who you are, you know!!


  1. Anonymous12:18 AM

    Have you seen this?

  2. What a cool assignment. Really enjoyed your photos Crystal. I will have to remember to do this myself. Thanks for the inspiration.

  3. esther12:30 PM

    The things you think of! It's a cool idea and very interesting to reflect on. Dad tells about Grandpa buying cases of apples and oranges. Have you heard those stories? And I remember Mom shopping at Tom Boy in Wetaskiwin. I also remember Dad buying a case of "O Henry Easter Eggs" each Easter! Wouldn't it be cool to see pictures of their grocery shopping days?

  4. That is a very cool idea!

  5. Connie10:58 AM

    Crystal, this is such a cool idea!! Thanks for sharing!!

  6. I am chuckling over the thought of you taking pictures in the grocery store. Did you use a camera phone?

    For one month in the summer of 2005 I did a photo journal of my activities. There were a few shots from WalMart and from the grocery store, but I felt suspicious, so I kept my camera kind of hidden (making me look even more suspicious) and the pictures weren't that great...