Sunday, April 08, 2007

Amazing Race - Happy Easter!

this year was a bit different with teams having to find colored eggs at each stop. Inside was the clue for the next activity and at some stops we had to take pictures to prove we'd been there. We downloaded all the pictures and watched them on the TV instead of taking time to print them this year. It was another blast of fun and we made lots of memories together!

Our group photo after everyone got back from the Race - all 21 of us, plus Heather who stayed behind with Helayna. They will join us next year - I'm sure this is an annual event now!!

First stop - this communications tower where our egg was at the top of the big hill. That's Leo with the white hat in the background who is racing up the hill to find it - he was such a trooper and gave 110% through the snow!

Work stop #1 - at the greenhouse, bag 10 - 20 lb. bags of potatoes in the root cellar and take them to the office to be weighed. There weren't enough potatoes in the cellar so we only got 7 bags but the team after us had to clean up the rotten ones and they only got 5 bags! Other teams had to wrap the legs of plant tables with double sided tape, fill 300 pots with soil and wash some planting stuff. Each team chose an envelope which had their task in it. The owners of this place had a hoot watching us all!!

We had tons of trouble finding our egg with the clue in it at this RV dealership. Someone on our team (who shall remain nameless!) looked in the compartment twice but didn't see it!! So we were the last team away from this stop.

Checking out an airplane at the Camrose airport - not a very busy place! And after this we got lost for a good 10 minutes before it clicked and we realized we were on the wrong side of the highway - DUH! - to get our next clue at Gramma Peggy's apartment.

Work stop #2 - wash and dry 50 doors at the Habitat for Humanity "Restore", which is totally run by volunteers.

We got a clue at Dairy Queen but only had time to order one free sundae before the next team arrived and we had to hurry off or be left in the dust (or should I say the ice cream!).

At the shooting club, these modern Merry Men tried to shoot an arrow at the balloon to find the next clue. Let's just say they were less than successful and we finally had to stab the balloon instead of hitting it!

At the last stop, someone stole the bag with our eggs and the clues so the organizers had to come and rescue us and get us all back home. I think there were some disappointed kids when they opened those eggs and found only clues - no treats! We finished our day together with a potluck turkey supper at Esther and Larry's.

Good times - fun and laughter - memories - family and friends - the key ingredients for a perfect Easter celebration. Today we are resting in the marvelous news that He rose after dying for our sins and so we have peace and eternal life! Happy Easter to you!


  1. That is so cool! What a fun thing to do as a family!

  2. Next year I will be going for sure!!!! It sounded like so much fun!

  3. Oh Crystal, another great Easter weekend. Sounds like you all had a blast and what a great way to spend some time together. I might have to borrow this idea for our next family gathering!!!!

  4. Anonymous5:36 PM

    What a fun thing to do as a family!! Holy cow, who does all the planning?? It is giving me a headache just thinking about it, and this coming from the Queen of Organization!!


  5. Looks like you all had a wonderful Easter. Happy Birthday Crystal.

  6. Wow! What an adventure, as always with the Lange family. We certainly miss these events and fun memories made with family, but I am so glad your birthday was this eventful and with some very special people.

  7. what a hoot! would love to have your "instruction manual" crystal!

    sounds like a grand time :)