Monday, April 16, 2007


Such a sad turn of events today in Virginia. My heart aches for the young lives lost, for families who have to face such loss and for all the people on that campus whose lives are changed forever today. Please tell me that none of you were personally affected by this. A time to remember that only God can guide us through the pain and helplessness of this and the despair that must have caused someone to do this.

Sending big hugs to each one of you today and praying that campuses everywhere might be safe and free from these acts. Remembering all of you who are students, completing this term and preparing to write exams - good luck!


  1. I have been watching today again, and I feel so deeply for the parents and families. Prayers are being said all over the world.

    Your little granddaughter is too sweet! I can't wait to be a granny one day. I hope. Sigh. I have had plenty of practice with my friends' babes!

  2. It's unbelievable! We're praying for family and friends impacted by this. A number of Tyler's colleagues are from Virgina and are certainly feeling far from home right now. Thanks for your prayers over the Silesia campus and students. Miss you.

  3. Day in and day out we are reminded that we truly never know what goes on behind closed doors... Or someone's closed mind and closed heart... It is tragic. Truly.

  4. esther11:58 AM

    At work I have a staff person whose nephew was there and in the very next room. He is safe. (luckily) It could have happened anywhere really - and I could be one of those parents. Hits home eh? Dear God - please hold our children close and keep them safe. Amen.

  5. This is just awful. So very tragic.