Friday, April 06, 2007

Spring Is . . .

no where in sight this weekend!!
It's the coldest, snowiest, blowiest Easter weekend that we have had for many, many years! The temperature is just below zero but the wind has a chill factor of about -25 degrees C. and it's awful outside. Our plans for quadding blew out the window
and instead we are fighting the elements and trying to care for newborn calves. Two of them spent the night warming up in our calf hutches and this morning they went back to their mothers. Meanwhile another one is shivering so we gave him some extra milk and he'll come in to the "calf motel" tonight. Then a heifer is trying to calve but it's been a long time with no progress so Bob and Darrin are currently loading her on the trailer and she's going to the clinic where the vet will work with her. When one complication develops, it quickly can snowball into an avalanche around here!!

Thank goodness for cheery brightness on the kitchen table today!

We are eager for +9 to hit here, hopefully by mid-week, and we need a whole lot of sunshine to dry up all the snow and mud. It's hard farming in all this wetness.

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