Tuesday, April 24, 2007


In my effort to learn more about the capabilities of Adobe Photoshop and photo editing, I created this little piece of art! I'm just so pleased with what happened although I'm not sure how it will ever benefit any other pictures I might take. I still am woefully inept with Photoshop but I had fun. Does that count for anything?!

The original photo!

Poster feature which totally changes the look

This one has the watercolour feature applied - looking much more like a painting now.

On this one, I used the 'twirl' feature to create a sense of movement in the blossom. It reminds me of water swirling down the drain!


  1. I'm totally inept in Photoshop, too. Heather's been good at teaching me little things, but I need to spend a whole day just playing with the program. I really like the 'watercolour' effect. Nice to just play a little and try something new.

  2. I love playing with the effects in Photoshop, although I, too, am very inept at using any of the program's capabilities to their fullest. Sometimes, even the basics of this program puzzle me.

    I enjoyed seeing what you did with this picture!


  3. hey that is cool! Great work with the photoshop!!

  4. Oh my gosh!! How cool!! I would print those off in a series and hang them!!

  5. Those are really cool!