Friday, March 29, 2013

Five on Friday

Quote of the Week
A kind word is like a spring day.
~ Russian Proverb

2.  Listen to this cool recording that was made in Halifax, NS.  It will warm your heart!  Thanks to Kathie for sharing the link.

3.  It's been sunny and warm this week - and it actually feels like spring!  The  snow has been melting and it's even getting muddy in some places.

4.  I was adventurous in the kitchen this week!  Lots of good food cooked up and enjoyed :)  Today we are having chocolate cheesecake as a birthday cake for our son-in-law Jonathan and tomorrow I'm serving a carrot cake jelly roll.  I'll have lots of leftovers - if you'd like to drop over!

5.  Photo of the week:

Court Whist Party 

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  1. I would be there if I lived a little closer!