Monday, March 04, 2013

2013 Joy Dare

#436 - #512 (a random sampling)

- baking gingersnaps instead of banana bread
- painting with littles instead of having supper
- staying overnight instead of going home
- cauliflower soup
- new technology in a phone

- spaghetti sauce simmering when I got home
- grandchildren gathered around the table
- reading stories together
- tucking them in for a sleepover
- listening

- 3 gifts white: jugs of milk and cream, blank white paper, snow crystals on trees
- feeling like it will get done this week
- donuts from the bakery
- supper in the oven and playtime while it cooks
- new ski suits

- hours of playing in the swimming pool
- listening to audiobooks
- smoothies to start the morning
- learning something new every day
- new-to-me big green teapot

- finding frozen fruit in the freezer
- spinach salad + one extra for lunch tomorrow
- dinner ready in 40 minutes
- Russian Honey cake for book club
- Jesus words to us in scripture
- knowing they've gone home to heaven
- God's arms wrapped around me, supporting and loving

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