Thursday, March 21, 2013

2013 Joy Dare

Since I got my iPhone partway through February, I've been listing my gratitude gifts on the 1000 Gifts App.  It works great - easy to add a picture, easy to do a quick list, anywhere, anytime.  But - you knew that was coming, right?!  But - I haven't been doing a full page of each day's blessings, which is what provides my lists for blogging.   I want to do better at that part, for sure.  For now, from my iPhone:

#512 - #549

-3 gifts eaten:  raspberry-banana-kiwi-kale smoothie, noodles and sauce, chicken veggie stir-fry
- 3 gifts red: little red jackets to keep grandkids warm, red peppers, red dogwood branches in the snow
- a gift turned: pages as we sang in worship today
- a gift folded: napkins around the dinner table
- a gift hung:  pictures on our walls, loved ones and memories

- 3 gifts round:  candle, orange, mug
- a gift in wind:  branches sighing in whispers
- a gift in water:  fresh and clean to drink
- a gift in white:  cream to add to tomato sauce and shrimp
- a gift in grandchildren:  smiles and more smiles, some seen in person - some seen via emails - some heard in voices

- 3 gifts read:  names on seed packages, notes on Instagram photos, Daily Bible Audiobook reading to me
-  3 gifts in Christ: beauty all around in nature, quiet time to reflect and recharge, amazing love that gave us our salvation
- 3 gifts carved:  time carved out of busy days, carved drums to use in drum circle, carved wooden tray to hold Easter eggs
- 3 gifts loud:  Monday morning in grade 1, smoothies blending first thing in the morning, junior high drama class
- 3 gifts from the kitchen: waking up to clean dishes, no-peek chicken baking at 9 a.m., hard-cooked eggs for sandwiches

- a gift bent - apple branches starting to bud
- a gift broken - old teapot for a plant
- a gift beautiful - quiet day at home
- 3 gifts found: - old friends, old photos, old favourite books
- 3 gifts hard to give thanks for:  sore feet, funerals, dirty dishes



  1. Love your growing list! Cheers to giving thanks continually!

  2. such a beautiful list.