Thursday, March 14, 2013

Lists of 2013 - #9 - In My Dream Home

Listography 2013 - #9 - In My Dream Home

1.  The bathroom would be pristine!  Extra long tub, built-in shower, lovely window, heated floor, tile and lots of color!

2.  The whole place would be freshly painted regularly.  'Nuf said!

3.  The bedrooms would have new carpeting.

4.  The master bedroom would be spacious and have a built-in fireplace with a sitting area.

5.  The living room would have built-in lighting in many nooks and crannies.

6.  The entryway would be large with built-in shelves and boot racks.

7.  There would be a lovely big family room with lots of space for toys and activities for the grandchildren.

8.  The basement would be finished.

9.  I would never have to worry again about getting water in the basement.

10.  There would be a loft with extra bedrooms and lots of room for overnight guests.

11.  A gorgeous outdoor living space would include a fireplace, eating space, multi levels, and a fountain.

12.  The fireplace would be efficient and used all winter.

13.  There would be a lovely atrium with a hot tub, tall windows to let in the sunlight and many plants.

AND - - -

14.  Maid service would come by monthly to keep it all wonderfully clean and sparkling!

Ah, beautiful dreamer!!

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  1. There are distinct similarities with my dream home here!!What I really need is storage place and rooms larger than cupboards to live in. I want to build my own home - triple glazing, geothermal coils, etc to be capable of surviving with self produced energy. And brown water recycling to the garden etc. Instead of me trying to transport buckets of bath water to the garden! Ah....dreams. Dreams are good though.