Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Dear February

Dear February,

You passed by in all your red finery with many white snow flurries and icy days.  The house was decorated with hearts and filled with love and laughter many times over.

These are the "loves" I want to remember in your 28 days:

- loved watching hockey games with Meadow and Blake

- loved wagon races with 3 hanging on tightly

- loved having 6.5 days of subbing, most of it in the high school

- loved Teacher's Convention and Family Day time off

- loved two sets of grandchildren coming, at different times, to spend time with us

- loved that the blocks and cars and books and play kitchen and dolls were scattered throughout

- loved making and sharing brunch with new friends

- loved a haircut and color - it was perfect this time!

- loved the weeks that Bob immersed himself in fish - pulling nets, cleaning fish, delivering smoked ones

- loved the bags of fresh catch that made their way into the freezer

- loved watching Grampa go skiing with the littles

- loved entertaining and discussing "Winter Garden" with book club friends

- loved gathering with family for turkey supper at my parents home

- loved evenings of whist with friends

- loved studying the Bible and our group discussions

And so, February, as you pass out the door on a quiet note, I must tell you that I hope you are taking all the windy, snow-blowing-across-the-roads-and-freezing-to-ice nonsense with you - we had far too much of it for my liking.  You flew by, as all of your counterparts seem to do, and I am quite happy that you brought more hours of daylight as you slipped away.


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