Thursday, April 04, 2013

Lists of 2013 - #12 - Easter Memories

Listography 2013 - #12 - Easter Memories

1.  Sunrise service at church as the sun came over the horizon and the sky was painted in glorious colors most years

2.  Bob's Uncle Art playing the trumpet early in the morning so that the whole neighbourhood would be heralded with the new that He is Risen (he's too old to do it now and I miss it!)

3.  The songs and hymns with refrains of "Alleluia" and "He arose!"

4.  Easter lilies on the altar and on my Mom's table

5.  The somber mood of Good Friday services and how the sky was so often dark and gloomy

6.  Hot cross buns, always hot cross buns

7.  Family and company gathered around a meal and for the afternoon

8.  Oh Henry Easter eggs - my Dad's favourite - he used to buy them by the box - 24 at a time :)

9.  And now with our grandchildren - Easter egg hunts, sometimes outside while wearing rubber boots and sometimes indoors, with snowdrifts outside too deep for little ones

10.  The message revisited every year that He took this for me - and that He lives so I live too!

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