Sunday, March 11, 2012

Saturday in the Greenhouse

With the days getting longer and the sunlight growing stronger, it's time to think of the greenhouse and growing things again.  I thought a little Saturday series might be fun to do in order to keep track of what's happened out there each week.  We'll see if it plays out that way!

Bob's been busy thinking about how to save more of the day's heat for the chilly nights so that plants can start growing inside before the danger of frost is past here.  That usually doesn't happen consistently for probably another six weeks so if we could get a jump on the growing season it would be great.

Bob's mom kept some potatoes for us to use for seed and they have strong shoots starting to develop so today they went under a thin layer of soil to start rooting.  They'll be moved into growing sacs in a week or two.

I sorted through the old seed packets and will send an order for new seeds off to The Cottage Gardener this week.  I filled some little planting pots with seedling starter and dropped in the last of 2011's tomato seeds.   I hope they still have some germination power left buried deep inside!

The temperature in the greenhouse has been very warm this week with all the sunlight we're getting and it was positively spring-like to be in there today!   It makes it seem like winter has disappeared - until you step outside into the snow again.

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  1. so awesome to see things going on in there already! after picking out all my seeds, i'm just itching to plant something now. :)