Monday, March 12, 2012

Gratitude Gifts

The writing down,
the looking back,
the reflecting,
the Thanks
because of what He gives
to me each day -
joy in each part 
of this recording
of the 
one thousand (and more) gifts!

#3795 - 3830

- branches to prune off the apple trees
- snowbanks shovelled away
- a neighbor with a snowplow
- quiet evening at home all alone
- golden light on snowbanks at the end of the day

- email messages
- Pinterest and little girls' dresses
- message from a potter that something is ready
- quinoa cooked for breakfast
- hot water

- jars of nuts from the 2011 harvest
- making almond flour
- salads of all kinds
- teaching nutrition in health classes
- playgrounds at noon hour

- grade 5 students with energy and enthusiasm
- gameboards
- warmth in the greenhouse
- moist seedling starter soil
- potato sprouts

- seeds with all their promise
- dreaming of flowers and fruits
- a reminder that He wants time
- "I Am Who I Am"
- discussions at Bible study

- welcoming new participants
- that He loves me and sent His son
- the hymns of Lent
- Almond Berry Scones
- a roasted chicken from Costco

- sub plans all laid out
- Sunday lessons from the Bible
- "Clan of the Cave Bear" by Jean Auel
- "A Holy Experience" - Ann's blog
- knowing that He has it all under control


  1. I smile as I read your list, Crystal - and the roasted chicken from Costco? Delicious! I love the new background!

  2. I love these little insights into your days and the goodness all around. Are you and Dad getting antsy to plant? I'm also curious about what you ate this week? Any recipes to share?