Tuesday, March 13, 2012

12 on the 12th

I finally had a chance to take a dozen pictures that represent my day on the 12th of the month!

 ELLA Publishing Co. has a "Take 12 in 2012 " challenge so here's my take on March 12th.   I tried in January but I got sick at school and then in February it didn't happen either.   So  I'm very happy to have done this!

Edited to add:

1.  7:39 a.m. - Getting ready for a day of subbing in Calmar.

2. 8:02 - Lunch (tossed salad with nuts and chicken, yogurt with saskatoons, grapes and nuts) and breakfast (banana and cheese) to go, along with water bottle and chai tea in my travel mug.

3.  8:35 - Sub plans for grade 5/6.

4.  10:10 - Recess on the playground - bright and warm - perfect for soccer.

5.  11:14 -  Long division - Divide, Multiply, Subtract, Bring down - or Dad, Mother, Sister, Brother to help remember the steps!

6.  1:21 p.m. - Time to read - love the sun shining on his face.

7.  3:05 p.m - they've all gone home.

8.  6:30 - Our front lawn - last week it was covered with a foot of new snow.

9.  6:50 - Packages of seeds bought at Peavey Mart today.

10.  7:25 - Sun setting

11.  7:34 - 200 seed cups planted in the last 2 days.

12.  8:56 - The first full day on daylight savings time and already we are eating supper late - didn't take much for us to adjust  to longer hours of daylight and busier days!


  1. This is a neat little project. Looks like you had a busy day both working and spending time outdoors. How's the greenhouse going? I'm so eager to get some things planted, but we have snowy stormy conditions again today. Come on spring!

  2. I love getting this glimpse into your day! Thanks for participating in Ella's Take 12 project!