Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Gratitude Gifts

A new month and new graces given each day.
How very amazing is this life that I've been granted!

#3750 - 3795

- toys scattered throughout the house
- little Lego villages
- yellow Lego 'combine' unloading grain
- time with just Silas
- text message requests to sub

- pregnancies progressing noticeably :)
- little girl sitting in the booster chair eating supper
- cuddling Maƫlle as she falls asleep
- playing peekaboo in the mirror
- soft pink sleepsac that she loves

- big green salad for supper
- loads of fresh laundry folded and put away
- clothes to wear on cold winter days
- guest room bed freshly made, waiting for visitors
- new ironing board cover

- green gel pen for March counting
- filling the tea chest
- lime green bow on birthday present
- supper with friends
- pictures of a holiday in Australia

- pink hoodie
- wedding rings
- silence and time to contemplate words and actions
- bodies fighting illness
- sharing lunch

- last minute sub calls
- bag of blueberries found in the deep freeze
- honeydew melon
- safely home after driving on snowy roads
- visiting our niece

- drawer emptied and sorted
- another bag to give away
- Greek lemon yogurt
- shovelling snowbanks
- snow stacked

- golden light on the snow at day's end
- plowing through snowbanks to get up the driveway
- road trips
- spending time with my parents
- watching them enjoy the new home

- reading
- anticipating the discussion
- messages from God
- thinking about how the Holy Spirit leads
- ABIDING in Him


  1. greek lemon yogurt--sounds yummy!

    the board cover looks great. i am sure it will make for a much more fabulous ironing experience for you! :)

  2. love that photo of gramma, auntie ruth and kels. so great! sounds like such a good week.