Thursday, March 22, 2012

Lists of 2012 - #12

Listography 2012 - #12 - Things I'd Like to Do Every Day

1.  Sew

2.  Read

3.  Play with each of our grandchildren

4.  Eat delicious, fresh food

5.  Walk into a neat and tidy kitchen

6.  Snap a unique photo

7.  Enjoy fresh flowers on the table

8.  Go for a walk in a new spot every day

9.  Use a renovated bathroom

10.  Not worry

11.  Mail a card or letter

12.  Eat dessert!!


  1. I am really battling to remember to taker a photo a day this year. A unique, interesting one. I am not doing different exciting things at the moment, and one can have too many photos of washing drying! Groan. But I WILL finish this. 9 months of snapping to go.....

  2. I like your list, especially #3. Wish we lived just a little closer so we could do that more than twice a year. Which one would you pick to do first?

  3. i need to add #5 and #7 to my list too. :) i wish we lived close enough for #3 to happen too.