Friday, March 16, 2012

Five on Friday

1.  National Geographic had a special online article this week titled Best Spring Trips to take in 2012.  Go and look at the pictures and read about the places to visit if you are yearning for a travel experience today.

#1 is the Cherry Blossom Festival 
in Washington, D.C.

2.  And did you know that National Geographic does not allow you to use Pinterest from their site?!

3.  I stopped at a local store earlier this week to check for a certain kind of tomato seed - and I was absolutely blown away by all the new choices this spring!  Seriously, you have to have a list when you walk in because you will be so tempted by all the pretty pictures on the packets.

4.  This excellent post by Lindsay at Passionate Homemaking on observing  Lent and Easter with a variety of projects looks awesome.  I like the nature scavenger hunt that has a family looking for objects to remind them of the life of Jesus. 

5.  Here's a great little article on starting seeds.  I especially like the chart, even though it's American.  

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