Monday, March 19, 2012

Gratitude Gifts

Slowing -
noticing -
savouring -
recording -
smiling -
abiding in Him!

#3830 - #3865

- warm weather blown in by a chinook
- snow being eaten up by the warm sun
- English breakfast tea
- travel mug to keep tea hot
- Greek yogurt with saskatoons and maple syrup

- broccoli with cheese sauce
- pork hocks with sauerkraut
- round glass cookie jar
- granddaughter sleeping peacefully in her crib
- chattering grandkids on the trampoline

- little boy reading "Old, New, Red, Blue"
- walking home together after school
- Easter cards
- freeways that move traffic easily
- finding pictures of the past

- apologizing
- home alone
- how small they all were back then
- first family home
- student artwork

- new book to read
- sewing for new babies
- spring look inside the house
- phone messages
- tulips

- cheeseburgers
- leftovers for lunch tomorrow
- Sunday School lessons
- ideas for summer garden
- candles burning softly

- His grace new every morning
- how amazingly He creates each child
- the plans God has for me and each person
- good health
- the message only He can give


  1. His grace new every morning! great is His faithfulness! rejoicing with you- a lovely list! blessings from Uganda

  2. Jumped over from Ann's and love your last one ... The message only He can give ... It's why I contine to remain

    In His Arms,