Friday, March 02, 2012

Five on Friday

1.  The amazing Kelle Hampton, over at Enjoying the Small Things, wrote a wonderful Hallmark post called It Takes a Village, this week.   My daughters and their friends do things like this all the time and I am so proud of the ways they support and love each other.  And Kelle's new book, Bloom - Finding Beauty in the Unexpected, is available for pre-order now - I can hardly wait to read it!

2.  The youngest of our grandchildren is just about ready to start walking on her own!  She's getting very brave about pulling herself up and letting go of the furniture.  It's so hard to believe that she will have her first birthday in just a bit more than a month - and that her Mama is getting ready to go back to work after a year's maternity leave!

3.  Happy Birthday to our son who celebrated his birthday yesterday.  It's been an amazing year for him - and the one ahead promises to be even more exciting!

4.  I joined the 30 Days of Lists project for this month.  I'm looking forward to challenging myself with some extra creativity.  Please come over and join us!

5.  Our Bible study group is reading Heaven is for Real this month.  


  1. Let me know what you think of books. Dan told me about the "Heaven is for Real" book. He really enjoyed it; would love to hear your thoughts. I can't believe little M is cruising around. It happened so quickly and I realized the other day that more birthdays are right around the corner when I started listing them all. Phew. It'll be a busy next few months. Miss you thoughts.

  2. What is 30 Days of Lists? I have not heard of this before. The baby is nearly one already???? How can that be!

  3. i'd love to read kelle's book. good for her for getting it published. you'll have to let me know what you think.