Friday, March 09, 2012

Five on Friday

1.  After reading the book,

we are trying to eat a wheat free diet.  It's challenging - especially when it comes to baking and favourites like pizza - but we are seeing a difference in our health already.   Heather and Jonathan tried a recipe for Cauliflower Pizza Crust and it was delicious.  So today I made a Chicken and Veggie Pizza on a Cauliflower Crust.  The recipe is on this post and she showed some good techniques to make it work better.  It's now on my list of great substitutes!

(photo from

2.  After the big snowstorm earlier this week, it's turned warm and certainly seems alot like spring with puddles everywhere.  Spring must be just around the corner :)

3.  Our little Maëlle is getting very close to walking.  The other night, I was holding her hands and she was taking steps when she just let go of my fingers and wanted to stand there all by herself.  She's getting brave, brave, brave!  What a little go-getter she will be when she's walking :)

4.  Jennifer at Getting Down with Jesus shared a great post about her husband, "What a Man Will Do When He Becomes a Miracle" this week.  This song was featured - the words are so profound!

5. Are you ready for daylight saving time to begin? Sleep fast on Saturday night so you can wake up early :) Our poor granddaughter has a 9 a.m. hockey game in a town nearly an hour away from their home - what a way to start a day!


  1. Maybe that's my problem ... Eating too much pizza :). ... Cheering you on and sending you love today!

  2. How are you finding the wheat-free life?? Our girls' celiac biopsies came back positive last week, and we've noticed a HUGE difference already! I started reading Wheat Belly a couple days ago - it's amazing :)