Saturday, March 17, 2012

Dear Swings

Dear Sturdy Old Swing Set,

It's been a joy to have you used again these past five years, after you sat still for such a long time!  The days of kids plopping onto the wooden seats, pumping high, and then jumping off were just a distant memory but there's still life in you - and our grandchildren have found it :)

It's very good these days to have the grandchildren come and sit in the new black baby seats that have been hung onto your sturdy steel frame.  At first I thought three seats might be too many but now I'm starting to think that we'll need more.  We added new clips and chains since the original ropes had frayed completely off but it really didn't take much to get you working again.    You still sit in the backyard, between the house and the garden, and you have lots of years left in you yet, I think.

Sinking your long legs deep into the earth and pouring cement into holes to anchor you in place was a very good idea those 30+ years ago.  Even now you don't budge as we do running under-ducks or get three kids flying high.  The only thing that causes you to tremble  is when the lawn mower gets too close and bumps you.  I can remember my Dad helping Bob to get you set up just right - he was so good at helping for his grandchildren.  Swings are still a fixture at his home.

Meadow, Blake and Maelle climbed into the seats after I came home from school a day or two ago and they kept me busy with pushing.  Blake called for "More, more!".  Maelle laughed out loud as she swung back and forth in the middle.  And Meadow was up to her usual tricks of kicking her boots off, laughing like crazy and trying to twist the chains up.  It was a great way to de-stress after a day of subbing!  Their joy and laughter at the simplest of things restores my soul.  Not to mention that the time gave Naomi a chance to finish supper preparations inside the house.

Thank you for providing hours of fun over the years.  You have been a faithful and patient friend!

Gramma Crystal - and the Grandkids

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  1. We did use those swings endlessly. I remember swinging, under ducks, jumping off them, tieing the ropes underneath so we'd be higher up, and never worrying about the posts coming out. They have been good for so many years, and it is so wonderful that they're in use again.