Saturday, January 14, 2012

Right Now

Inspired by Amanda Soule once again (I tell you she has so much inspiration wrapped up in her head that's shared on her blog, SouleMama!) to capture today.

RIght now, I am...
:: marveling that we have had such a mild winter with hardly any snow.  I think that's about to change as the prediction is for -28 degrees C tomorrow night.
:: tired  after watching Meadow play two hockey games today.
:: laughing  after reading Heather's blog and seeing family pictures from the past 4 years.
:: overwhelmed  by nothing right now :)
:: pleasantly surprised to get some Christmas fabric on sale in Drayton Valley.
:: wondering what to make for dinner tomorrow.
:: grateful that we get to enjoy our grandchildren so often.
:: hearing the saw in the garage as Bob fixes the side door after installing new garage door opener earlier this week.
:: going to church tomorrow morning.
:: planning what seeds to order - The Cottage Gardener heirloom seed catalogue arrived yesterday :)
:: digging fresh new sheets and pillowcases on our bed.
:: sewing a couple of little things for someone who has a birthday soon :)
:: listening to the Calgary Flames - Los Angeles Kings NHL hockey game on TV.
:: eating Pistachio - Cranberry - Goat Cheese Red Leaf Lettuce Salad with Poppyseed Dressing
:: saying "Happy Ukrainian New Year" today.
:: inspired  to buy a new plant to replace my dying poinsettia (I must have overwatered it because it's lost nearly every leaf it had).
:: happy to be feeling better after getting sick at school on Thursday - the poor grade ones said I looked green so I decided it was time to go home.
:: delighted to have received so many lovely cards, pictures and letters this year. 
:: waiting to take down and put away the Christmas decorations - we enjoy them well into January!
:: being able to read is such a pleasure!

(I love the way the highway goes right through this part of the mountain!)


  1. I was *just* wondering where to get seeds from this year - I'll have to check out the Cottage Gardener :)

  2. It sounds like a wonderful weekend, and I'm glad you're feeling better. Did you have the flu? Thankfully we've avoided it so far this year; no plane travelling. ;) Samuel is still wondering when Grampa Bob and Gramma Crystal's plane is arriving. He sees it in the sky almost everyday.

    We are in the deep freeze today. It's -20C but there's wind, so it's probably closer to -25C with wind chill. It's sunny, but I think we'll wait to go skating for another day. Samuel keeps telling me how cold it is.

  3. Home tomorrow and I will be taking my Christmas decorations down in the next few days. I just love the little lights - they make everything look so cosy.
    You are right - Amanda has some wonderful ideas. Have you got her books?

  4. Love reading your thoughts, Mom. I hope you are feeling better now. Any ideas what kinds of things you want to plant this year?! Hard to believe we're thinking about that in the middle of this cold weather.

  5. I know that pass thru the mountains!! Just was there last month but there wasn't any snow at that time.
    Glad you are feeling better now. We spoke to Kelsey tonite and she is having a great time in India. She was on a train to another city to visit and they plan to go for a Camel ride while there.Yesterday they visited the Taj mahal and she said it was amazing!
    Stay warm this week ~ I think winter finally arrived!