Thursday, January 19, 2012

Lists of 2012 - #3

Listography 2012 - #3 - Favourite Things to Do When I Am Alone

1.  Read in bed

2.  Read blogs and search Pinterest

3.  Sew

4.  Scrapbook

5.  Read the Bible

6.  Sleep in

7.  Bake or cook, especially for others

8.  Look through my scrapbooks and photos

9.  Read magazines

10.  Eat nachos and cheese sauce

11.  Take photographs

12.  Talk to our children and grandchildren on the phone


  1. I think your first three would be in my top 10 favourites too!

  2. Lots of things you listed I could have on mine :)

  3. too. To just about all of them! Crochet while "watching" TV or listening to the radio would be on too

  4. Hah! The word verification was "coment"!

  5. this list sounds just like you! :) love seeing a peek into your life and who you are. it's amazing the things i never knew about you when i was growing up and so focused on myself and now that i'm older i'm learning so much more about you.

  6. This is very much you, and I would say that reading a book in bed and sleeping in go hand in hand. ;) We love talking to you on the phone, too. Can you and dad come visit? ;)

  7. I really enjoy your lists! I think that I would have a few of the exact same things in my top 10 as well! The sleeping in, would be wonderful and sounds just heavenly at this point in my life! :o)